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Baby FREE samples + 20 Baby-Dollars

+ Chance of winning a Baby basket worth $200!

This Website is for Future and New Moms of Babies under 6 Months.

For the last five years, more than 300 000 new families or families-to-be have received a great number of FREE baby samples thanks to babyfreesamples.us. And we were delighted to get the comments and feedback of so many pleased parents who had received their baby free samples or who had won our monthly draw! We continue to sign you up for baby free samples, and we have also added 20 Baby-dollars to our offer, which will be provided to you as soon as you sign up, and which will allow you to buy great items from our unique and exclusive online catalog of gifts and tools for parents and babies. Stay tuned to the results of our monthly draw, as you, too, have a monthly chance to win! We hope you will enjoy your free baby samples, and will have a great time shopping in our catalog!

FREE Registration

If you are a new family or are currently going through a pregnancy, you are probably looking for things and ways to make your life easier, including

free baby samples

. Our awesome "Welcome to your family" baby basket may also interest you. The basket includes a wealth of relevant and useful baby items worth over $200, and it could really make a difference to your and your baby's lives. Our draw gives you every month a chance to win it and get it shipped directly to your door! How would you like that? Would you also be interested in receiving, in addition, Baby-Dollars that can be used to buy awesome items from our unique collections of tools and gifts? If you are, you are only a few steps away from it all: just fill out our form now!

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You may wish to start by checking out our exclusive collections of gifts for parents and babies, or to browse through our catalog to get some of our amazing items, on top of the free baby samples you will get shipped to your home address, directly from baby products providers like Pampers or Nestlé. If that is the case, simply click here…

Do you still have questions before signing up? If so, click on the questions you want answered below. All the information you need is detailed there…

The reality of free baby samples…

From what can be found on forums that specialize in parenting, it looks like many families and families-to-be get disappointed in their search for free baby stuff. There are many complaints that the expected free baby stuff never arrives, or that parents end up receiving promotional calls all the time as a result.

We have heard these comments and they have inspired us to be different. We know that the requested

free baby stuff

should be shipped by important baby items providers such as Enfalac, Similac, Huggies, Nestlé, Heinz, Pampers, etc. If the items are not received by the parents, it is difficult to find out where the problem comes from. Many Internet start-ups seem to deceive parents by collecting as many contact information as they can, without shipping any

free baby samples


There are a few things you can do to make sure that the website you are about to sign up to is serious and likely to deliver on the promises made: Watch out for vague or unclear promises, or for sites that do not show any testimonials. Also, if there is a draw, make sure you can find results of previous draws, and names of the winners. Finally, check out the privacy policy, and make sure it is present and clear enough.

Maybe, after signing up for free samples and never receiving anything, you do not trust anymore that you can get

baby free samples

over the Internet. But we can tell you this: Our systems are extremely reliable, and always ensure that your details are immediately sent to the systems of major baby items manufacturers, who will then send you the free baby stuff.

Are you going to send us free baby samples, + your
Baby-Dollars to redeem + your monthly draw of the baby kit?

Yes, this is exactly what we are going to do. Your request for free baby samples is sent automatically to the product manufacturers as soon as you sign up. You need to be aware that the actual shipping of the samples only depends on them. On our side, we will have sent your data, and the many comments we received from happy parents confirms that the

baby free samples

are indeed shipped.

What will I get, on top of the free
baby items?

First, our monthly draw gives you a monthly opportunity to win our amazing basket "Welcome to your family", which will then be shipped to your home for free. It is worth more than $200. The many testimonials we received, as well as our list of previous winners can confirm how many happy parents enjoyed it, in case you doubt it! ;)

Furthermore, our creativity allows you to enjoy our "Parent Baby-Dollars" program, which will allow you to get for free a bunch of tools and UNIQUE gifts for parent and baby. Our program allows you to earn Baby-Dollars rapidly and easily, and you can then use them to buy awesome gifts from our exclusive collections. You can browse through our catalog of tools and gifts for families and families-to-be if you just click here.

How can I sign up easily?

Click here... Signing up will provide you immediately with 20 Baby-Dollars that can be spent on any item from our "UNIQUE catalog of gifts and tools for families and families-to-be". Baby-Dollars can be spent as soon as you have finished the registration process.

Can I get more Baby-Dollars to redeem
more free gifts and tools?

Yes it is possible!

To get more Baby-Dollars to spend in our amazing catalog, you just need to refer a friend or acquaintance, who is a mom-to-be or new mom. Once your friend has signed up, you will immediately get 30 Baby-Dollars that will be added to your account. And your friend will also get her Baby-Dollars and baby free samples. That way, you will be able to redeem other items from our INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE catalog, without actually spending a dollar!

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