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Your baby gurgles with pleasure and smiles at you. You look at her, but can't quite notice the beauty of the moment, because your mind is busy worrying that you still need to buy diapers and you don't know which brand to try now to get rid of her nappy rash. You think of the three almost new packages of diapers that you won't be able to use because they all irritate your little one's tender skin, and you worry about the money wasted.

That's why it is a good idea to find ways of getting free baby samples before buying packages of diapers or baby formula. Most baby product manufacturers offer free baby stuff to help you in precisely this kind of situations. Testing out one nappy, or one dose of baby formula, allows you to know for sure how your little one reacts to it. It allows you to avoid buying big quantities of unsuitable products. Of course, baby product providers hope that, by giving you free baby stuff, you will realize how delighted you are with their product, and become a long term user of their brand. And you might, if you find the right product for you and your baby. But if you don't, it allows you to avoid wasting money and time, and also avoid the frustration of realizing that, once again, the product doesn't suit your baby.

So look on the Internet. Most manufacturers offer free baby stuff, requiring only that you sign up for free to their website or baby club, before shipping you samples, coupons and other items that might prove very useful to your everyday life. Once you are part of their club, they may even send you coupons regularly, further helping you to save money on these indispensable baby items you use everyday!

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