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A new baby will change everything. How do you cope?

Even if you have never had a child, you probably have seen new families, among your friends or relatives, and you are aware that after a baby is born, nothing stays the same. And you probably remember as your friends or relatives around you started having babies. Your friend who used to love going out, enjoying the night life a bit, or sharing a night out at the movies with friends, suddenly had no time anymore, was exhausted all the time, didn't go out anymore and didn't seem to talk about anything else than her baby when you ended up seeing her. And that is common: as soon as the baby arrives, all the attention, time and energy goes to him or her.

So, a baby takes time and energy. All new parents know that. But they also know how much it costs to have a child. New furniture and baby accessories, not to mention diapers and other important baby items, and if you don't want or can't breastfeed, baby formula on top! If you have a small budget, it might be daunting to even consider having a baby. Most people try to lower their costs nowadays, even if they have a good salary, as the gloomy economic situation influences many decisions.

That's why, if you do not have an unlimited budget for baby-related items, you will be happy to know that you might not have to spend as much as you thought, because people around you will most likely have many items to lend or to give to you, including free gifts for baby. Everyone will be happy to treat you and your baby when there is a new arrival. So let your family and loved ones be present and offer their time, practical help and often a free baby gift, as it is also their way of showing you their love.

So do let them know that you are expecting a little one, and let them participate at their level to your new happiness. People who are closest to you will most likely want to celebrate with a free gift for baby, which they might give before or after the birth. It can be a good idea for you to throw a baby shower party in your place or at a friend's place, and make sure you set up a birth list first. That way, the people who want to bring you a free baby gift will know exactly what you want, like and need, and will not risk giving you some baby items that may be funny or nice, but that you will never need or use.

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